We Buy Timber & Timberland

Abston Henricksen Land & Timber Company (AHLT) is a full service, 100% mechanized logging and timberland company. Over the years we have purchased thousands of acres of standing timber and timberlands from landowners just like you. In addition to being an aggressive timberland acquisition company, AHLT is proud to be certified “Accredited Loggers” and suppliers to “Sustainable Forestry Initiative” participants.

AHLT can also harvest timber on a scale contract often with a full or partial cash advance or offer creative timberland exchanges for 1031 participants or estates. In some instances AHLT may be interested in purchasing previously harvested timberlands.


Our services include harvesting on a percentage, purchasing standing timber as well as purchasing properties. Some of our other services include:

  1. Establishing harvest and maintenance plans specific to your timber stand.
  2. Filing for DNR and or other necessary timber harvesting permits.
  3. Clear-Cutting Or Thinning selected areas of your property.
  4. Constructing roads and placing culverts or bridges for stream crossings.
  5. Piling harvest debris, burning of debris or grinding of debris.
  6. Reforesting (re-planting) your property with one or multiple species of seedlings.
  7. Post Harvest Report
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If you are considering selling your timber or timberland and would like a cash offer or timber harvest proposal, at no obligation to you, feel free to call our office at (360) 832-3464